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Dungeness Carpark – Opening Soon

Dungeness Carpark

Stage one of the Dungeness carpark will soon open. This is the first stage of a multistaged project for the site.

Construction of the carpark was made possible via a combination of ratepayer money and State Government Works for Queensland funding.

This facility will help minimise bushfire risk to nearby buildings and alleviate parking congestion along Dungeness Road, Lucinda. Parking closer to the boat ramp, along with a second wash down bay, should also help to avoid congestion at the boat ramp.

Council has a road sealing program in place and the carpark is scheduled to be sealed next financial year as part of this program, along with other areas of the shire, including stage two of Patterson Parade, Lucinda.

Road sealing machinery has to be transported into the shire as there is no local provider. This is an expensive process and Council seeks to complete a number of sealing projects concurrently to minimise cost and disruption.

Stage two of the carpark project hopes to see the carpark extend further to the East. This is subject to negotiations with the Traditional Owners. In addition, there are plans for solar powered lights and CCTV cameras to be installed.

The carpark is just one project in the Dungeness area designed for locals and visitors. Domestic tourism is vital to the Region’s economy and these new facilities should see more visitors coming to our region and staying longer.

For further information on current roadworks, please visit Council’s website, Roadworks page or contact Council on 4776 4600.

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