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Council Connections – 16 March 2022

Automatic Sand Bagging Machine

Council’s very own Automatic Sand Bagging Machine has arrived.

The Sand Bagging Machine will play an important role in assisting members of our community prepare their properties for a flood event.

The machine will make sand bagging far easier for the elderly and less mobile members of our community rather than having to fill by hand.

A number of prefilled bags will be made available for residents to collect for flood preparation.

The Sand Bagging Machine is mobile and can be moved throughout the district when required.

This project was funded by the Australian Government and delivered through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority as part of the Recovery and Resilience Grant.

Flying Fox Management Program

Council is aware of a sudden influx of Flying Foxes over the past few days that are trying to take up residence in undesirable locations within town.

Council wishes to remind residents that Council undertakes morning dispersal activities, including the use of audible deterrents including bird fright. These activities will remain ongoing between 4.30am and 7.30am each morning to dissuade any animals from attempting to roost in undesirable locations.

The community is urged to contact Council’s Biosecurity Team on 4776 4740 to report any such locations and seek the necessary assistance.

Private landholders are reminded that if Flying Foxes land in your trees, you are permitted to dissuade them from staying by use of non-destructive disturbance techniques including smoke, water sprinklers, visual deterrents such as imitation predators, bright lights and noise from various commercial and improvised products.

Please do not attempt to touch a Flying Fox with bare hands.

It is recommended that all pets are secured during the operation times.

For further information on what you can and cannot do with Flying Foxes, please visit the Department of Environment and Science website at

Should you require any further information or assistance regarding this matter, please contact Council’s Biosecurity Team on 4776 4740.

Bin Tagging Program Kicks Off

Council has commenced its eight week Bin Tagging program across various locations throughout the Shire.

This is an important part of the regional long term strategy to reduce contamination in kerbside recycling, recover valuable recyclable resources, and increase the lifespan of landfill sites such as Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre.

Council appreciates your cooperation and will post the results in the weeks ahead.

Exhibition Opening – Galactic Graffiti by David Rowe Wrap-up

Friday night’s Exhibition Opening for Galactic Graffiti featured the exciting work of David Rowe.

David was celebrated as an artist who has made an important contribution to the local art scene not only through his prominence as a very skilled artist, but also through his dedication to the arts community and his notable encouragement and support of other artists.

Over 50 community members attended, including visiting arts dignitary, Frances Thomson, who was former director of the Perc Tucker Gallery, Townsville. Catering was provided by Fiori With Love.

The wonderful volunteers from the Rotary Club of Hinchinbrook were also present to pour drinks and entertainment was provided by Vibration Space Station.

Galactic Graffiti is a unique exhibition and includes a display of an interactive graffiti wall in the secluded section where art lovers/critics can write or draw on the walls around the artworks.

The artwork is thought provoking and is fascinating for people to express their alternative views and is definitely not to be missed.

The exhibition will remain on display at the TYTO Regional Art Gallery until 4.00pm Thursday 31 March 2022.

Ingham Walk-in COVID-19 Testing Clinic and Vaccination Clinic

Residents are advised that Queensland Health is running a Walk-in COVID-19 Testing Clinic located at the TYTO Conference and Events Centre 10.00am to 11.00am on Friday 18 March 2022.

Rapid antigen tests (RAT) are available for free at this site for eligible community members. You must bring photo identification to receive a RAT.

A COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic will be visiting the TYTO Conference and Events Centre from 10.00am to 3.30pm on Saturday 19 March 2022.

Morning Melodies – Mad Maestros

Join  us for David Scheel’s brand new show, Mad Maestros.

Date:       Thursday 17 March 2022

Time:       10.30am to 12.00pm

Where:    Ingham Picture Theatre, 76 Townsville Road Ingham

Cost:       $20

RSVP:     Essential

Mad Maestros is a celebration of music’s eccentrics through the ages, and in it David brings to life 25 of music’s greatest and weirdest personalities in a virtuoso performance of narrative, character acting and piano playing. In Mad Maestros you will laugh a lot, cry a little, and marvel at the beauty of the piano when played by a master.

Mad Maestros will again be an unforgettable concert of laughter and beautiful music.

For further information or to book your spot, please visit or visit Council’s Main Office.

Harmony Week

Harmony Week commences on Monday 21 March 2022.

From 10.30am to 12.30pm each weekday a variety of speakers will share historical tales of Ingham’s colourful past. Please see below Harmony Week poster for a list of speakers throughout the week.

Harmony Week has been celebrated in Australia since 1999.

Council is focused on acknowledging the multicultural community from a historical perspective.

Please note, bookings are essential.

For further information or to RSVP please visit Council’s website, Events Calendar page.

Save the Date for 2022 Youth Week Events

From Saturday 2 April 2022 to Thursday 14 April 2022 there is a wide variety of activities on offer to keep the kids entertained.

Events include movies, laser skirmish, gel blasters and the Outer Limits Adventure Program. For the creatives there is the ATP10: Kids on Tour, pen and wash, digital media, sculpture and headpiece workshops.

For further information or to RSVP please visit Council’s website, Events Calendar page.

Forrest Beach Tennis Court Re-Vamp

Council is excited to announce that the Forrest Beach Tennis Court has been re-vamped using the funds raised by the Forrest Beach Progress Association.

Council thanks the Forrest Beach Progress Association for taking the lead on this project.

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Friday 18 March 2022 is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA).

Council supports local schools in their stand to say no to bullying and violence in the community.

The Rotary Park fountain and playground lighting will be orange in support of this initiative.

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