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Community and Natural Assets Damaged – Report Suspicious Behaviour

Council has received reports of vehicles damaging community and natural assets in various locations at and along the Lucinda foreshore, which costs the community money to repair and replace. Significant damage is also being caused to the environmental values in the area including vegetation and dunal systems.

This damage is reportedly occurring at night.

‘Many people that use the Lucinda foreshore area for recreational purposes, do the right thing and would never deliberately damage our community assets.’ said Mayor Jayo.

‘However, there is a persistent number of people that seem determined to ruin this area and they need to be stopped!’

‘Vehicle access to the beach is a privilege enjoyed by the community and came about after a prolonged period of discussion and negotiation towards ensuring safety of public and minimisation of environmental harm through restrictions on movement to defined areas. The regulations in place are not being observed and if the unlawful activities occur, Council may need to consider revoking present privileges.’ said Mayor Jayo.

Mayor Jayo said ‘Council staff have increased surveillance in this area and will have no hesitation in applying any or all means to hold those responsible accountable. Council will also seek to recoup the cost associated with the malicious damage of public property including both infrastructure and damage to the environment.’

Council would appreciate any information from the community towards identifying the perpetrators of this unlawful activity. Council has reported the matter to the Queensland Police and residents are encouraged to report any such activities via the Updates and Withdrawals section located on PoliceLink’s website.

When using PoliceLink to report vehicle issues at Lucinda foreshore, please quote Policelink reference number QP2101877586. This will ensure all the information is collated under one complaint and provide the impetus for action.

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