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Request for Copies of Historical Photographs

Council is endeavouring to gain the Queensland State Governments approval to trim and clear marine vegetation from various drainage lines in the Lower Herbert/Mandam area.

The works are required to facilitate the free flow of flood waters in times of flooding to improve disaster management practices and overall economic resilience of our district.

Notwithstanding that the drains were lawfully constructed prior to any legislation requiring formal approval for works of that nature, the State Government has requested Council to provide evidence to confirm when the associated drains were first constructed and the size and scale they were constructed to.

Due to the absence of any approval requirements at the time, records of that nature are scarce. Council is hopeful that residents may be in possession of early photographs depicting clearing and construction works being undertaken at the time which would assist in the application process, particularly in the mangrove areas. 

Council is seeking to attain a copy of these photographs. Council staff can assist with copying the photographs free of charge to residents.

If you have any documents that you would be willing to share, please email

If you need assistance with copying any photographs please contact Council or visit Council’s Customer Service Centre.

Mayor Jayo said “Any record, no matter how small, could be important in gaining the Government’s approval. We thank residents for their assistance. Clearing these drains is important to our local economy”.

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