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Request for Community Feedback – Off-leash Dog Park

Council is seeking community feedback on the potential establishment of an off-leash dog park in Ingham. Off-leash dog park facilities are commonly found along travel routes across Australia.

The current site being considered is located along the Bruce Highway, in the grass median strip between the northbound and southbound lanes, north of the railway tracks in Herbert Street Ingham.

The first stage of the project will only include fencing, double self-closing gates and a drinking bowl facility. Other additions may be included in future financial years, subject to funding availability.

This site has several advantages including:

• Many people travel with dogs for holidays and this location would encourage travellers to stop in the region and shop locally;

• Being on a traffic route, the site is already subjected to traffic noise and is away from residential premises;

• Other facilities, such as waste and recycling bins are already situated in the parkland, with fast food outlets and toilets nearby in Rotary Park; and

• The potential site is accessible to travellers and there is sufficient parking adjacent to the grass median strip.

This is a project that will be considered during the 2022-2023 financial year budget preparations. Council will engage local contractors in the construction process, with costs being approximately $30,000 to complete.

To have your say on the potential off-leash dog park, community members can complete the survey by visiting  

Feedback closes midnight Sunday 5 December 2021.

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