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Dutton Street Culvert Crossing

Council has been successful in obtaining funding under the National Flood Infrastructure Mitigation Program for the construction of the Dutton Street Culvert Crossing to provide a linkage between the north and south of Ingham during flood events. 

Council will hold a community consultation session to provide an overview of the Dutton Street Culvert Crossing project and to address any questions or concerns the public may have.

Date:     Thursday 2 December 2021

Time:    5.30pm

Where: Hinchinbrook Shire Hall 25 Lannercost Street Ingham

The Dutton Street Culvert Crossing project has been awarded to local contractor Keita Services with a total contract value of $4.36 million. The project will commence early December and is expected to be completed by November 2022.

“Winning a contract of this size is great for the many locals who will work or support us during the construction. Being a local company we have continued to complete major projects in the Shire and look forward to providing a structure that will benefit the community with flood immunity and access” said Keith Phillips from Keita Services.

During the construction period, Dutton Street will be closed to traffic at the Cartwright Street intersection, however access to Dutton Street properties will be maintained. The works will continue throughout the wet season, with the contractor taking advantage of the recent dry period to undertake installation of low flow culverts in the existing creek bed.

“The project will provide a linkage between north and south of Ingham during flood events. It consists of 43 cells of 3,600mm wide culverts ranging from 900mm to 3,000mm tall. The design of the crossing will provide immunity in a 1 in 10 year flood event, and it is expected to be overtopped by approximately 200mm in a 1 in 25 year flood event. Keita Services provided an alternative design allowing the culvert walls and link slab units to be manufactured locally increasing local content spend on this project by approximately $1.5 million” said Mayor Jayo.

As part of the project, significant earthworks will be undertaken upstream of Dutton Street for the purpose of flood mitigation and to improve the flow of water through Palm Creek during flooding. This will require 33 trees to be removed with the earthworks varying in depth up to 1.5 metres in areas. Upon the completion of the project the area will be reinstated with a selection of suitable trees planted across the area.

This project is fully funded under the National Flood Infrastructure Mitigation Program and has a total project value of $5.75 million.

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