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CCS disappointment as season crush passes 1m tonnes

Season's crush reaches 1m tonnes

Photo by Sharon Curle: Hinchinbrook coming to life

MORE than 1 million tonnes of cane has now been crushed at the Herbert River region mills this year.

But despite a slight rise (0.08) in the level of commercial cane sugar (CCS) this week the figure is tracking below the budgeted 12.8 units.

Farmers are not only paid by the amount of cane crushed but also by the level of CCS in the crop, which has been affected by wet weather.

Around a quarter of the estimated load for our region has now been processed with roughly 200 thousand tonnes being crushed over the past week, which was the seventh of the season.

It has been forecast that more than 4m tonnes will be crushed in this year, which is the same weight as 75 Sydney Harbour Bridges, 400 Eiffel Towers or 18 thousand Statue of Liberties.

Meanwhile, drivers are being reminded of the added danger on the roads.

Supply Manager Lindsay Wheeler said: ‘With near-hits an ongoing issue around our network this season we’re appealing to road users to approach level crossings with caution and always give way to trains’.

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