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MP rages on traveller exemptions

Nick Dametto MP

EVERYONE flying into Queensland from Victoria should be quarantined for two weeks, according to our local member of parliament.

Nick Dametto is raging at the decision to allow some exemptions from enforced isolation for those arriving from the southern state, where there is fresh outbreak of Covid-19.

He said: ‘I will not stand idly by while our population is thrown to the wolves because of government incompetency.

‘Media reports today that three passengers on a flight from Melbourne to Townsville on Sunday were not required to quarantine in hotels are alarming.

‘Given the dire situation Victoria is facing with a second outbreak, we cannot be sure who has and hasn’t
contracted Covid-19.

‘How can you be certain an exempt person hasn’t contracted the virus? The risk is totally unacceptable.’

The member for Hinchinbrook says he will write to Health Minister Steven Miles urging him to impose mandatory
quarantine on all passengers arriving from Victoria to airports in Queensland.

MP Dametto added: ‘Hinchinbrook Shire has one of the most elderly populations in Queensland and I can’t even fathom what the
consequences would be for those residents if there was an outbreak.

‘Our small businesses have taken a
massive hit during the pandemic and they won’t survive another shutdown.

‘The Minister needs to rectify this situation immediately.’

According to MP Dametto’s office, the latest border restrictions exempt specialist workers, adults required in Queensland under orders of any court or tribunal, those who are participating in state
or commonwealth law enforcement investigations, those who have transited through an airport in a Covid-19 hotspot and those on the vessel Spirit of Tasmania from undergoing a 14 day quarantine.

What are your views on the situation?

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